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The Importance of ME Time and Loving yourself

Another day has passed. You return home to the same routine of “just getting by.” You check the boxes each day for work, family, friends, children, social obligations, eating, sleeping, the list goes on and on. Each day you wake up and return to what feels like the same repetitive tasks over and over. Can you relate to this? Can you identify with those emotions of feeling that you are not thriving or living to your fullest? If so, when was the last time you took time for yourself. ME time. Time to love yourself and check-in with how you are feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually?

An article published by the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine shows that only and estimated 6.6% of the population engages in regular self-care activities. This means that you are not alone! It is time for the other 93.4% of the population to begin to understand and implement the importance of self-care. The term self-care can mean many things. I want us to focus on the concept of loving oneself. By setting aside time each day, no matter how small, is a reminder that you love yourself. A reminder that you are willing to put yourself first and that you matter. This daily action becomes a catalyst to improved mood, boosted self-esteem and improved mental health.

Below are some ideas that take only a few minutes to assist you in creating daily ME time. This list is just a start to spark your imagination and tap into how you would like to spend your time. This time is for you to take some deep breathes, slow down and focus on yourself. The goal of this time is to us it for whatever you’d like for you! This is not a time to complete your daily checklist or catch up what you “should be doing.” This is a time where everything around you stops. The focus is you and you alone.

  • Write down 3 things that bring you joy

  • Drink a cup of your favorite tea or coffee

  • Have your own solo dance party

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror (seriously, try it!)

  • Pray

  • Day dream about whatever you’d like

  • Cry, yell, laugh (Yes, you are allowed to release your emotions no matter what you are currently feeling. They are valid!)

  • Go outside and take in the sun light

  • Buy yourself some flowers and spend time noticing the small and fine details in each one

  • Light your favorite candle or smell some essential oils

  • Mediate or doing deep breathing

  • Journal

Try a few things from the list above or let us know what works best for you in the comments below. Or you can go to our Instagram account and leave comment there.

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