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Learn More About Teletherapy Below


Elevate Mental Health offers online therapy (teletherapy, video therapy or telehealth) using a HIPPAA compliant secure service. Online therapy can be done through your phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop. This allows you to gain all the benefits of traditional in-person therapy in the comfort of your own home, office or whatever location best fits your needs.

During the initial session we will help you develop a firm understanding of the nature of your problem and be an active participant in any treatment decisions. We will create a treatment plan along with treatment outcomes and expectations to make the process as clear as possible.


Whether we are meeting face-to-face or through teletherapy, we look forward to helping you live your best life!

Benefits of using teletherapy:


  • Continue sessions while temporarily away on business or vacation

  • No commute to and from the office

  • Attend therapy with the click of a button

  • Remain in the comfort of your own home, office or any other location you’d like to be

  • No mask required!

Frequently Asked Questions

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