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Quiz - Are you people pleasing?

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Quiz: Are You Stuck in the Cycle of People Pleasing?

Answer the following questions on the quiz to gain insight into whether you may be exhibiting people pleasing tendencies:

1. Do you often find yourself saying "yes" to requests or favors, even when you don't truly want to do them?

   - A) Yes, frequently

   - B) Sometimes

   - C) Rarely or never

2. Do you prioritize the needs and desires of others over your own, even at the expense of your well-being?

   - A) Yes, always

   - B) Occasionally

   - C) No, I prioritize my own needs first

3. Are you afraid of disappointing or upsetting others, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness?

   - A) Yes, I often prioritize others' feelings over my own

   - B) Sometimes, depending on the situation

   - C) No, I prioritize my own happiness and well-being

4. Do you have difficulty asserting your own boundaries or saying "no" to requests from others?

   - A) Yes, I struggle to assert my boundaries

   - B) Occasionally, I find it challenging

   - C) No, I am comfortable setting and enforcing boundaries

5. Do you feel guilty or anxious when you prioritize your own needs or decline requests from others?

   - A) Yes, I often feel guilty or anxious

   - B) Sometimes, depending on the circumstances

   - C) No, I feel confident in prioritizing my own needs

6. Have you ever experienced resentment or frustration towards others for taking advantage of your kindness or generosity?

   - A) Yes, frequently

   - B) Occasionally

   - C) No, I communicate my boundaries effectively

7. Do you base your self-worth on the approval or validation you receive from others?

   - A) Yes, I rely heavily on external validation

   - B) Sometimes, but I also value self-validation

   - C) No, I derive my self-worth from within

8. Are you afraid of confrontation or conflict, leading you to avoid expressing your true thoughts or feelings?

   - A) Yes, I avoid confrontation at all costs

   - B) Sometimes, depending on the situation

   - C) No, I am comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings assertively


- For questions 1-8, assign 1 point for each answer of A), 2 points for each answer of B), and 3 points for each answer of C).

- Add up your total score.


- 8-16 points: You exhibit some people-pleasing tendencies and may benefit from exploring strategies for setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care.

- 17-24 points: People-pleasing behavior is occasionally present in your life, but you generally prioritize your own needs and well-being.

- 25-24 points: Congratulations! You demonstrate healthy assertiveness and prioritize your own needs effectively, without succumbing to the cycle of people pleasing.

Remember, acknowledging and addressing people-pleasing tendencies is the first step towards reclaiming autonomy and fostering genuine self-care. If you scored in the lower range and would like support in breaking free from the cycle of people pleasing, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for guidance and support.

Please note: This blog and its quizzes are for information purpose only. For professional health advice, consult with a licensed provider.

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